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Digital identities are an essential requirement for a functioning society and economy.

Identities must be trustworthy, intuitive to use and comply with the DSGVO. 


The main task of the consortium the development and everyday testing of the broad application of Secure Digital Identities . Integration of public administration, economy & population by cities, municipalities & metropolitan regions

We focus on the identification of natural & legal persons, as well as IoT devices 


The innovation competition is part of the German government's block chain strategy and is intended to strengthen the confidence of industry and citizens in the digital environment.

SDI solutions are strongly oriented towards the EU-wide eIDAS regulation and the associated standards. 



Use of secure digital identities on a platform for central master data and certificate management



Mobile, universally usable and generally recognized digital identities for traveling and personal mobility. 



Making networking of digital service accounts from the eGovernemnt to local companies transparent, traceable and trustworthy in the long run.


Our partners in the consortium project EMIL



February 3rd, 2020

Approved funding

Participation in the innovation competition requires the submission of a convincing concept idea for the broad application of secure digital identities for the authentication of persons or devices in administrative and economic processes in a regional showcase project in the form of a sketch.

May 1st, 2020

Competition phase

The funded competition phase is intended to underpin the selected concept ideas in terms of feasibility, benefit and acceptance, to identify obstacles and to create the conditions for a fast and efficient implementation of the concept idea in an imaginary implementation phase. This includes the generation of assertive consortia or the acquisition of relevant implementation partners and supporters in order to substantiate the chances of success for an intended implementation.

November, 2020

Implementation phase application

During the competition phase, a detailed work plan, the planned network structure and cost planning will be drawn up. These serve as a basis for the phase of implementation.

April, 2021

Implementation phase

Implementation of the planned use cases and the procedure determined in the competition phase. The goal is the development of standardized and universally valid solutions with a high degree of interoperability and user acceptance.


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